Wild boars, dirty floors, noisy sounds, uncertain future, dark woods, lonely monsters, psychotic lovers, feminist witches, drunk devils, black holes and howls…

These are my inspirations, this is my world.


I am Raminta Maivyda. A witch and artist from Lithuania. In 2016 I have finished my bachelor studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Vilnius. By then I fell in love with mistycal corners of Vilnius and now I am creating and living here. Illustrations, zines and comics are my witchcraft and tools of magic. I admire wild creatures and obscure personalities. When I am not drawing, you can find me riding bike in the woods, whispering spells or at underground occult events.

Let’s contact for commisions, collaborations or anything other you have in mind! maivyda.art@gmail.com




2014 10 “Alien Beach Zoo” collective exhibition following Nathan Jurevicius workshop, 5 mills, Vilnius, Lithuania
2015 01 “Rijimai” solo exhibition, B&B&B&B&B hostel, Vilnius, Lithuania
2015 02 “Situacijos” collective exhibition, Riga, Latvia
2015 03 “Okultinė babų ir velnių skylė” collective exhibition at LINK’MENŲ project
2015 04 “Kosminė odisėja 2.0“, collective exhibition, Titanikas, Vilnius, Lithuania
2015 04 “Rituals” solo exhibition, Pogo hostel , Vilnius Lithuania
2015 06 “Mass Hypnosis IV” collective exhibition, Devilstone festival, Anykščiai, Lithuania
2016 02 “Istorijos” collective exhibition, Akademija galerija, Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 03 “Love and Psychosis, solo exhibition, Yucatan, Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 04 Collective zine exhibition at “Comics days” festival, Vilniaus Dailės Akademija, Lithuania
2016 05 Collective zine exhibition at “ZIN/PIN”, Studium P, Vilnius, Lithuania
2016 05 Collective zine exhibition at “Riga Zine Fest“, Riga, Latvia
2016 06 “Mass Hypnosis V“, collective exhibition, Devilstone festival, Anykščiai, Lithuania
2017 01 “Karişik Kaset” collective exhibition, Bant Mag. Havuz, Istanbul, Turkey


2016 02 “Knygrišėnai”, comics workshop (together with GretAlice), Vilnius book fair, Litexpo, Lithuania
2016 04 “Komikso personažo paieška”, comics workshop (together with GretAlice), “Comics days” festival, Vilnius, Lithuania


2015 – 2016 “Masinė Hipnozė” zines, Lithuania
2016 “There Is No Relief Or Release From Sorrow” zine currated by Philip Dearest, Australia
2016 “Kuti40” zine, Finland
2016 – 2017 “Panelė” magazines, Lithuania


Devilstone / Panelė / Lizdas / Comics Days / Vilnius Book Fair / KutiKuti / Tight Aggressive / Satori